"A Simple Guide to Preparing for Your Gym for Reopening - Gymowl"

It's been over a year since the shutting down of gyms because of the Chaos by pandemic covid-19. After a year gyms are yet to go through the process of recommencing again but after the Pendamic this reinstituting of Gyms is going to need different planning. It will be important for gym owners to certify the safety of staff and members.

Reopening cost versus member engagement:

Before reopening the gym think and plan out whether a resume in your Gym is a feasible option or not. Make sure about a few things before opening a gym like will it benefit me financially or not? What is good for me and my business? Will the continuation of old members cost too much or not?.

Capitalise on online content:

Bringing a business on an online platform is a wonderful opportunity but think and plan out every single detail very carefully before launching or starting a virtual class. Try to scheme out everything as per the interest of your members and clients. Pay extra attention to areas like maintaining low cost, providing them extra discounts, making interesting workout plans, etc. You can even plan various membership packages and make sure you decide the price carefully.

Don't forget to review your pricing:

To make your clients permanent you can provide them with the alternative of refunding the money in case of them being unable to join, reduction in fees will play the key role. In order to make clients permanent, you can also give them extra discounts and extra add-ons.

For existing clients:

Make sure to give them extra attention and importance by providing them access to online classes at discounted amounts along with extra perks and benefits. Make existing members your priority.

For new clients:

Two types of people are there, among those few will not join the gym again and few will be joining the gym again. For increasing and enrolling new members use the schemes of the limited time offer promotional coupons. Apart from this, you can give them discounts on long-term membership as well.

Improve member communication:

Communicate humbly with your members keep them motivated and share their progress graphs regularly and continue to take feedback for further improvements.

Prevent existing members from churring:

Communicating with the members after every particular set of the interval can prevent your members from leaving.

Re-engage members who have left:

It takes lots of resources to attract new customers which is why along with attracting new customers you can focus on the joining of the members who have canceled their membership it not only will save your resources but your efforts too up to an extent.

Covid announcement:

Due to the pandemic everything has become uncertain. We are unaware of who got infected and who got vaccinated, So being a Gym owner it will be your responsibility to have a strong system of automated messaging to keep your members aware, of the existing state of affairs

How to prepare your gym for reopening under Limited capacity:

Reopening a gym will be needing unusual strategic thinking and for this, all the gym owners have to pay attention to every possible edge of their business.

Be aware of the local capacity restrictions:

Depending upon the number of covid cases every country has generated its restrictions and guidelines which are needed to be followed strictly before opening make sure that you are following and are fully aware of those guidelines

Capacity management software:

Because of Limited members in the restriction it will be difficult to maintain all the members and batches. To keep things in a well-managed form you can take the help of various software and mobile apps through which your clients can access and book their slots easily. You can use the " Gymowl " app and software for this purpose. It is a built-in India app that makes it trustworthy. Through this, you will be able to manage all the clients and you will also come to know about the number of clients in each slot.

Keeping outdoor classes where possible:

This will help you to make sure about the safety of your members. It will be beneficial in case of the presence of more clients.

Offering a hybrid fitness class model:

Before reopening the gyms, the safety of clients must be on the top of your list. Gym owners will be needing to schedule a genuine cleaning and disinfecting of their places regularly. Being the owner you can set some rules for ensuring the safety of your members for them and your staff members as well

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness:

Maintaining cleanliness is of absolute importance. Gym owners can implement various innovative cleanliness measures to ensure safety in every possible way. You can also use social distancing as a safety tool. Equipment can be used for maintaining the distance between clients.

Staff training should be regularly conducted:

Being a Gym owner it will be your responsibility to take care of the safety of your staff and members as well by providing proper training to your staff members about how to disinfect properly, how to use disinfectants etc. You can create a schedule and distribute cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities among your staff members.

Disinfecting stations should be easily accessible:

You will have to make sure about making disinfecting stations easily available to all of your members and clients so that they can use them before and after using the types of equipment

Members should be responsible for cleaning the equipment used:

Spreading awareness about maintaining cleanliness will be another important task which has to be done compulsorily. For this, you can stick posters about the rules set by you in your gym. You can use the method of public announcements for reminding them again and again.

Rethink your air filtration system:

Being an airborne disease covid virus continues to be infectious until suspended in the air. Implementing and upgrading air purification systems and Technology is another mandatory thing to be done and checking before reopening a proper ventilation facility in your gyms will ensure the flow of fresh air.

Health check policy:

  • Concurrence form:-
  • You can use this form to become aware of your member's medical history like whether they have got vaccinated or not, whether they were quarantined or not whether they have covid symptoms if anyone from their families is Or have suffered from covid or not, etc.

  • Feverishness check:-
  • Train your staff to measure the temperature of every member by using various efficient machines.

  • Legal abandonment:-
  • The legal abandonment will certify that you are legitimately safe,well-equipped, and protected.

Prepare for the worst:

Current pandemic situation has created so many obstacles and it has become difficult to foretell about the upcoming censorious conditions, which is why keep yourself equipped with a positive mindset because you may be able to open your Gyms now and but be prepared for another closure too.

Concluding remarks:

This year has proved itself to be very odd. It has taken the assessment of the creativity of gym owners at every point so it is advised to all the gym owners to prepare themselves and their gyms in every possible way for smooth reopening.