"Physical fitness versus covid-19 pandemic"

Fitness word implies a condition of being physically fit and healthy. This meaning has become more relevant in today's chaotic situation where the whole world is greatly affected by covid-19 on a mental and physical level. This word with 100% physical significance is playing the role of an infallible weapon. This weapon is proving to be a covenant solution in adding Life, Light and positivity inside everyone.

This pandemic without failing has taught us that good health is the only shield we need to overcome all the uncertainties faced by us at different points of our lives. Just like many new and improved version of covid-19 this fitness is also evolving itself according to the needs and demands of time and situation.

Various forms of fitness are available to everyone at their disposal, out of which they can choose anyone according to their needs and health.

The list of few common problems which are mainly faced by every second person on this planet, along with easy exercises are given below:-

  • For breathing problems:- Pursed lips, Breathing, Lion Breathing etc.
  • For increasing immunity:- Jumps, Squats, Drop squats etc.
  • For Gastrointestinal issue:- Brisk Walking, Cycling, Yoga etc.
  • For nausea:- Meditation, Deep Breathing etc.
  • For red and running eyes:- Frequently roll your eyes, up and down rotation etc.
  • For Headache:- Chin Tucks, Cat-cow Stretch etc.

Apart from physical health, a positive and healthy mental attitude is also playing a key role. This can be maintained by doing things that make you happier, calmer and positively active. Nowadays avalanche of freely and easily available sources are present for us out of which we can choose the one which is fulfilling our demand. Lastly in this messed up world full of emotional imbalances, advancements and resources the most important thing we need is to make the choice, which is not only beneficial for you but to those around you.